About Clean Slate Studios

When you choose Clean Slate Studios, your project isn’t handed off to an entry-level web designer while we run off to land more business. Each member of our team is 100% invested in bringing you the best end-product.

Clean Slate Studios was established in 2007 and we have more than 15 years of professional web development experience. Our team consists of a designer/user experience expert, custom solutions programmer, copywriter/editor/SEO expert, and content migration managers.

We focus on providing:

  • an attractive, engaging, and effective web presence
  • the ability to edit your own content without relying on a web developer for updates
  • the freedom to host your site wherever you choose
  • unparalleled service and personal attention along the way

Industries That We Have Served

Local Government, Schools & Education, Financial Services, Churches, Retail Book Sales & Publishing, Nano Technology & Research, Health & Beauty, Marketing, Printing, Web Technology & Services, Engineering, Sales & Consulting, Construction & Heavy Equipment, Clothing & Fashion, Restaurant & Food Industry, Not-For-Profit Charity, Home Security

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